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Yavuz Hazelnut Products Since 1933

       Yavuz Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi, known as Yavuz Hazelnut Products in the international market, was established in 1933 in Giresun, Turkey, which meets 70% of the world's hazelnut needs. If we briefly summarize this 90-year process from 1933 to the present day; we entered the sector with the domestic market, we turned to export in a very short time and with our experience increasing over the years, we took the first steps of international trade in the 1940s. We started processed hazelnut export by establishing our first processed production facility in 1982.

Notification and Whistleblowing Mechanism Procedure

Within the scope of YAVUZ GIDA; to develop a mechanism for the workers in the facility to report the transactions and behaviors that they think violate the policies and procedures and to transfer them to them.

Social Compliance Officer
HR Manager


Yavuz Food San. And Tic. A.Ş. attaches importance to open and transparent communication. We believe that our employees are the best employees of Yavuz Gida San. And Tic. A.Ş. Ethics Line is available for our employees to report transactions and behaviors that they believe violate company policies and procedures. Notification to the Ethics Line can be made via e-mail (etik@yavuz.com.tr).
When such concerns arise, it is recommended that employees first consult with their immediate supervisors without contacting the Ethics Line, but if their concerns are not resolved in this way, employees may contact Yavuz Gida San. And Tic. A.Ş. authorized unit, the Disciplinary Board.
Disclosure of the notification made by the person to third parties in a way that will negatively affect the peace in the workplace or business relations will be strictly prevented.
- Any employee who refuses to act in violation of the code of ethics and makes a report in good faith shall not be threatened, retaliated against or harmed in any way in or outside the workplace. Such behavior is interpreted as a violation of ethical rules and necessary disciplinary penalties are applied.
- It is very important that the whistleblower is free from intentions such as gossiping about the whistleblower or trying to negatively affect his/her career. In this respect, confidentiality, objectivity and compliance with ethical rules are critical in the reporting and investigation process. It is imperative that both those who report and those who manage the relevant process pay utmost importance and attention to this issue.
- When deliberate false and/or slanderous reports are detected, they are interpreted as a violation of ethical rules and necessary disciplinary penalties are applied.
In order to ensure the appropriate environment and effectiveness of the reporting mechanism, the management provides assurance in the first place. Employees are made aware to support the management in ensuring the effectiveness of the reporting mechanism.
Some of the forms of violations or inappropriate behavior that can be reported are as follows:
- Environmental, health and safety issues
- Workplace disputes and misconduct
- Situations where information protection and data confidentiality are violated
- Threats and physical violence
- Practices contrary to internal and external legislation
- Human rights and labor rights issues and/or suspected violations
- Criminal elements that can be considered as bribery, corruption and abuse of security
- Providing unfair and personal benefits
- Leaking confidential information (within the scope of trade secrets; contracts, patents, project information, tender price information, product prices and costs that have not yet been disclosed, company financial data and tables, customer and vendor information, personal data about employees, etc.)